India energy efficiency report 2015

With the Indian INDC having specified a voluntary target of cutting emission intensity of the GDP by 33-35% by 2030 from 2005 levels, it is anticipated that a major portion of this will rest on the initiatives of Indian industry. In this scenario, it is encouraging to note that the biggest Indian companies see the writing on wall and have already embarked on the journey to set ambitious energy and emission reduction targets for themselves which often go beyond the regulatory requirements. While energy efficiency remains one of the most popular means of achieving emissions reduction, companies are not holding back in making huge and long term investments in green buildings and renewable energy infrastructure. The examples highlighted in this study show impressive measures by corporate giants which would inspire many of their peers and contemporaries, not to speak of their immediate partners and suppliers, to explore the most cost effective ways of cutting their energy consumption and carbon emission. These companies have, in many instances, made huge investments keeping in mind energy security for their business and safeguarding them against any anticipated regulations and has contributed to improved brand image. The government has taken many initiatives to encourage adoption of energy efficiency activities and clean energy purchase and generation. However, there is still scope to do more by making finance easily available and creating a platform for better knowledge sharing between companies. CDP is committed to help in every possible way to improve knowledge sharing and disseminate best practise examples across industries and countries.

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