CSE monitors pollution levels on car-free stretch in Delhi

CSE’s exposure monitoring indicates dramatic drop of 60 per cent in PM2.5 levels compared to levels observed the previous day. This is supported by official ambient air quality monitoring that shows 45 per cent drop in overall PM2.5 levels across the city due to low traffic on the national holiday of Dusshera. By implementing car-free day and by choosing a national holiday for it when car volumes are already low, the Delhi government has proven that reducing car numbers can significantly bring down pollution in a city where air pollution kills at least one person every hour and impairs the lungs of every third child. While a car-free day every month can help build public awareness, the government will have to leverage this to implement hard steps to scale up alternatives and restrain car usage on a daily basis. Immediately scale up integrated public transport system, safe walking and cycling, limit legal parking and make parking more expensive, impose high taxes on cars and restrict their movement in congested parts. During this festive season, several neighbourhoods have pedestrianised and yet remained vibrant.

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