Growth of electricity sector in India from 1947-2015

Power Sector in India has grown significantly since independence both in the installed electricity generating capacity and transmission & distribution (T&D) system. The total power generating capacity of (utilities & non utilities) has increased from meagre 1362 MW in 1947 to 267 GW at the end of March, 2015.The per capita electricity consumption which was mere 16.3 kWh in1947 has increased to 1010 KW h in 2014-15. Despite this, the growth of electricity demand has surpassed the power supply and our country has been facing power shortages during peak electricity demand inspite of the manifold growth over the years. Government of India lays special emphasis on reduction of T&D losses and demand side management to optimally utilize the limited resources. CEA has taken a lead and immensely contributed in the national endeavour of development of power sector in various specific areas such as introduction of new technologies, techno-economic clearance of projects, generation & transmission planning including green energy corridor and operation & construction monitoring of projects, design & engineering and dissemination of data & information. The present booklet brought out by CEA is the regular feature which contains vital information in the form of graphs, pie charts, maps and tables. The information covers plan wise pattern of growth accomplished for various important indicators like installed generating capacity, hydro electric potential, state-wise forecast of electricity demand of the country as well as forecast of electricity demand of mega cities, electrical energy generation, transmission & distribution network, power supply position, captive power plants, pattern of electricity consumption of the country as well as per capita consumption. The booklet also contains maps showing State-wise Installed Electricity Generating Capacity, thus affording a panoramic view of our country.