Review of the performance of State Road Transport Undertakings (SRTUs) for 2013-2014

Road transport is a critical structure for economic development of a country. It influences the pace, structure and pattern of development. India has one of the largest road network in the world. Surge in population and personalised motorization in the country along with expansion of road network contributes to the number of road accidents, injuries and fatalities. The total number of registered vehicles in India is more than 16 crores. The changing composition of vehicle population all time reflects an increasing importance of personalized mode (cars and two-wheelers) of transport mode. The proliferation in the personalised mode of transport imposes negative externalities on the society in the form of traffic congestion, carbon emission and pollution,inefficient use of fuel, scarce road space. Given the importance of public mode of transport in India, it is important to properly assess the physical and financial performance of SRTUs. The present annual publication "Review of Performance of State Road Transport Undertakings"provides information on physical and financial performance of 44 reported SRTUs up to 31st March, 2014. It also provides comparative analysis of their physical and financial parameters with the financial year 2012-13.