Odisha Economic Survey 2014-15

Odisha Economic Survey 2014-15 The Odisha Economic Survey 2014-15 reflects the updated performance of the major economic, social and infrastructure sectors of the State of Odisha. It makes a comprehensive assessment of the State economy. The Report highlights the major growth drivers, problem area, priority area, emerging issues, challenges, government policy initiatives and public investment of the State with strategic observations. The macroeconomic parameters embodied in the Report juxtapose the structural shift in the State’s economy. The physical and financial progress of economic, infrastructural, social and financial sectors are outlined with broad growth objectives and priorities. The Report also reflects the macro economic scenario and fiscal dimension along with the corrective measures taken by the State Government to ensure macroeconomic stabilization of the State’s economy. Odisha is accredited as a good performer of economy in terms of better economic growth rates.

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