The Road from Rio+20: towards Sustainable Development Goals

Two years after the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, UNCTAD is pleased to announce the launching of its publication entitled of "The Road from Rio+20: Towards Sustainable Development Goals". This publication is the fourth in a projected series that is part of UNCTAD's contribution to the Rio Conference and its outcome. This fourth issue provides insights into the SDGs process of implementing a key outcome of the Rio Conference as reflected in its outcome document, “The Future we want” (para 246), namely, to define a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) that reflect in a balanced way, the economic, social and environmental dimension of sustainable development. The publication is a collection of articles from renown authors on promoting progress towards a more sustainably oriented global economy and trading system. One term that comes up again and again in the Rio +20 Conference Declaration, entitled The Future We Want is an "enabling environment". This edition covers various aspects of this "enabling environment". It takes the reader beyond the watershed moment of Rio+20 to investigate what critical issues would have an impact on sustainable development and related policies and strategies – and how all social and economic actors, in particular environmentalists, can contribute.

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