Dynamic ground water resources of India

Ground Water Resources Assessment is carried out at periodical intervals jointly by State Ground Water Departments and Central Ground Water Board under the overall supervision of the State Level Committee on Ground Water Assessment. Previous such joint exercises were carried out in 1980, 1995 and 2004 and 2009. The assessment involves estimation of dynamic ground water resources or annual replenishable ground water resources (recharge), annual ground water draft (utilization) and the percentage of utilization with respect to recharge (stage of development). The assessment units (blocks/watersheds/mandals/firkas) are categorized based on Stage of Ground Water Development (Utilization) and the long term water level trend. The methodology for assessment is broadly based on Ground Water Resources Assessment Methodology, 1997 with additional inputs from Ground Water Estimation Methodology in Hard Rock Terrain (2004) and R&D Advisory Committee on Ground Water Estimation (2010).

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