Diesel Update

Diesel Update Dear readers,
"Want to buy a diesel car to keep your oil bill low? You may end up trading your life for cheap and toxic diesel. As companies go for hard sell of diesel cars, dieselmania grips you too. What was supposed to be cheap fuel for poor farmers is now driving the cars of the rich. Do not choose to ignore the fact that diesel fumes trigger cancer and pose a serious threat to public health. Cities like Delhi are already reeling under the effects of diesel-related pollutants like small particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. We have repeatedly brought to your notice studies which show that neither improving diesel quality nor upgrading engine technology can help avert the threat posed by toxic particulate pollution. The cleaner the diesel, the tinier the particulate matter, and greater is its health effect.

We face the challenge of reducing the particulate pollution load drastically in our cities. To keep you informed about the new global concerns on diesel we will bring this update to you every month.'

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