Status of ground water quality in coastal aquifers of India

The report on `Status of Ground Water Quality in Coastal Aquifers of India’ is the outcome of an attempt at compilation and synthesis of available scientific data on the ground water quality in the coastal aquifers of India, generated through years of scientific studies carried out by Central Ground Water Board and many other Central and State Agencies. Details pertaining to east and west coasts have been dealt with separately as they have significant difference in origin, extents and characteristics. Various factors having a bearing on ground water quality such as drainage characteristics, climate, geomorphology, geological setting and hydrogeological framework have been described state-wise in detail. The section on ground water quality deals mainly with characterization of ground water quality, spatial and temporal quality variations, suitability of ground water for various uses, ground water contamination due to various chemical constituents etc. Critical areas and quality issues in coastal aquifer systems including fresh-saline water interface and status of sea water ingress have been dealt with separately.

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