Business in a climate-constrained world: catalyzing a climate-resilient future through the power of the private sector

  • 01/04/2014
  • BSR

This report outlines BSR’s new strategy to mobilize its business network, global reach, industry insights, and issue expertise in support of sustained business action on climate change. It begins with a section on translating climate risks for business and society, then moves into a description of what companies can do to build resilience in a climate-constrained world—a combination of reducing emissions consistent with a 2°C pathway and building adaptive capacity in the face of inevitable climate impacts. It outlines how BSR will partner with companies and other stakeholders to apply the climate stabilization wedges across our eight industry clusters. Finally, it details BSR’s value proposition and concludes with a description of how BSR will leverage their network and experience in implementing this strategy by 2020.