Compendium of state policies from the perspective of climate change mitigation

Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala,Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the states with most climate-friendly policies according to this study which focused on policies and programmes of the states from a climate change mitigation perspective in key carbon emitting sectors - electricity, energy, urban development, transport, industry, and water.

The report documents compendium of state policies from perspective of climate change mitigation with findings such as many states endowed with rich natural resources are naturally very environment friendly do not have “climate friendly” policies. Many states that have the weakest climate friendly policies may actually have very low greenhouse gas emissions, due largely to rich forest cover, vegetation, source of energy supply, low levels of industrialization due to topography and other factors, high level of agro-based industry for the similar reason and so on. However, since this rating is about policies and policy frameworks, states that have low greenhouse gas emissions but no policies that would impact emissions reduction have been ranked low.


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