Failure of Bt cotton during Khariff 2013 in Haveri & Davanageri districts, Karnataka

This report by the Fact Finding Mission of GM Free Karnataka coalition relates to the failure of Bt.Cotton Crop in nearly 18 thousand hectares in Haveri and Davanageri districts of Karnataka during Khariff 2013 season starting from 1st week of May 2013 to 2nd week of July 2013. The fact finding was initiated following the appearance of various media reports on Bt cotton failure in the cotton growing districts of central Karnataka. Given that farmers in general and cotton farmers in particular in the state have been under distress due to various factors, found it imperative to take a closer look at what was unfurling in the cotton belt in the Karnataka. During fact finding process, committee met with Bt. cotton growers, organic cotton farmers, seed merchants, Agriculture scientists and bureaucrats from agriculture department in affected areas. The imminent task was to understand the realities on ground on the issue of large scale failure of Bt cotton in the state this Khariff and to propose relevant recommendations to our state govt so as to help the farmers in this distress situation as well as to ensure that further occurrences of this situation could be avoided.