Survey of environmental & socio-economic impacts of interim ban on mining in Goa

This rapid survey is carried out to know the people’s perception on the changes with the suspension of mining in Goa, by way of reviewing print media and conducting a primary survey. Goa’s mining operations were suspended first by the Goa Government on 10.09.2012 after the Justice M. B Shah Commission Report was tabled in the Parliament three days earlier. Then, 139 Environmental Clearances were suspended by the Ministry of Environment and Forests on 14.09.2012, followed by the Supreme Court order for ban on mining operations in the State on 5.10.2012, in the context of the Goa Foundation petition 435/2012. The Justice M.B Shah Commission and the Central Empowered Committee have investigated and reported several illegalities concerning the mining industry in Goa. Mining is an industry mainly for economic benefits. The ban on mining should not hinder the process of reclamation in order to prevent any further damage to the State’s environment, social well being and traditional occupations. The present environmental, social and economic scenario largely indicates that the State on the whole could make a successful recovery from about 60 years of continued mining operations, if the ban prevails.

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