Improving footpaths in Indian cities through walkability surveys and tighter policies

This report raises the potential of walkability survey as a monitoring and awareness-raising tool in cities. It also provides an overview and analysis on the relevant policies and initiatives being taken up by the national and city levels related to walkability. The purposes of the walkability index and survey for Indian cities are to benchmark and compare walkability in cities, raise awareness not just among the general public but also of stakeholders from the ward, city, national and regional levels, and understand what improvements people would like to see. It can also be used to identify key areas in the city where improvements need to be made and as a tool to monitor walkability improvement in the city. This report also brings out challenges and gaps in policies related to improving walkability and footpaths in Indian cities and suggests potential improvements in national policies like the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) and the National Mission for Sustainable Habitat (NMSH).