Evidence from the frontlines of climate change: loss and damage to communities despite coping and adaptation

This study draws evidence of loss and damage from five case studies conducted in Bangladesh, Bhutan, The Gambia, Kenya and Micronesia. The local case studies, based on nearly 1800 household interviews and focus group and expert discussions with more than 200 individuals, focus on the impacts of climate threats on people in vulnerable areas and their responses to such threats. The findings reveal that, in all five countries, affected communities suffered from loss and damage despite undertaking coping and adaptation measures: in Micronesia 92 per cent of respondents were still experiencing adverse impacts, followed by 87 per cent in Bhutan, 72 per cent in Kenya, 70 per cent in Bangladesh and 66 per cent in The Gambia. The report is hoped to be useful in discussions of where loss and damage pressures exist today in climatic stressors and societal impacts, and where they may emerge in the future.