Monitoring Ganga on Net

a website has been launched, which could go a long way in improving the water quality of the river. The site is hosted by Sankat Mochan Foundation (smf) members and clean-up leaders of Thames river in London.

Considering that the Ganga water today has a fecal coliform count that is 9,200 per cent above the acceptable level for humans, the website will post a daily report on pollution in the Ganga, after collecting samples along a seven-kilometre stretch flowing through Varanasi.

The site has been put up to achieve twin objectives. Firstly, to generate mass awareness about the poor quality of the river water while dispelling superstitions such as immersing bodies without cremation. Secondly, to implement the plan to physically clean up the river for which purpose several volunteers are already working along the bathing ghats in the city.

Every month the site will focus on the study of a major Indian river.

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