Biosafety assurance for GM food crops in India

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences has come out with the latest policy paper on Biosafety Assurance for GM Food Crops in India that contains science-based recommendations and concrete actions for safe, inclusive and judicious harnessing of GM technologies for accelerated and sustained crop production. The NAAS policy paper critically examines the current biosafety issues and the prospects of benefiting from GM technology. It concludes that GM technology is a powerful tool for developing future crop varieties with in-built resistance to various biotic and abiotic stresses for reducing crop losses and enhanced input use efficiency, yield potential and quality traits. It also states that the use of GM crops is crucial for the food and nutritional security of the country and research must be continued with the aim of developing safer, more productive and nutritious food crops. The policy paper also puts forward a tangible action plan for the development and utilization of GM food crops.

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