Orissa urban water and sanitation communication strategy

Urban water and sanitation service delivery in Orissa could significantly improve by achieving these key objectives. This communication strategy intends to provide support to achieve the objectives of: Building constituency and support for water and sanitation sector reforms initiatives among diverse stakeholders; Promoting people’s participation for improving and sustaining service delivery; Facilitating dialogue among different service providers; Enhancing the capacity of implementing agencies in reaching out to its customers; and Building a credible image for PHEO and urban local bodies; To facilitate the development of a holistic understanding of “sanitation” and “good sanitation practices” amongst service providers and citizens; Provide clarity to the different stakeholders about their respective the roles and responsibilities vis-à-vis water and sanitation services; Involve and engage opinion influencers (viz. political and religious leaders, academicians,media personalities, eminent civil society representatives and others) to promote sanitation consciousness; To foster a culture of consultations and communications among the diverse water and sanitation service providers at the city and state level.