Economic survey 2010-11: Government of Orissa

The Orissa Economic Survey, 2010-11 takes note of the efforts of the State Government to bring visible improvements in the State finances, to reduce Debt-GSDP ratio from 55.92% in 2002-2003 to the sustainable level of 23.24% in 2009-10, to create fiscal space for higher plan and capital outlays to propel growth in the economy, and to accelerate the pace of development. The analysis presented in the Survey, 2010-11 clearly brings out that there is a perceptible structural change in Orissa’s economy which has been following a high growth trajectory in recent years. Orissa’s real per capita incomes are rising and the gap with national averages has been narrowing. The State economy has grown, in real terms at 2004-2005 prices, at an annual average rate of 9.57% during the first three years of the 11th Five Year Plan. A tentative analysis of NSS data has indicated that there has been 11.73 percentage point reduction in poverty between 2004-05 to 2007-08.

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