Transition to energy secure future: policies enabling energy transition in India

India’s fossil fuel dominated energy mix poses various challenges to the country. First, the over-reliance on the imported fuel makes the country vulnerable supply challenges due to geopolitical turbulence in the energy producing regions, second, use of hydrocarbon sources has been adversely affecting the environment and human health, third, the growing dependency on import adds significant burden to the economy, and fourth, growing energy related emissions is adding to the concerns of global climate change. In this context, to ensure energy security and meet the long term economic goals, transition to a cleaner fuel mix with higher share of domestically supplied alternative sources evolves to be a strategic necessity. Coordinated and precise policy tools, implementation in mission mode and right policy catalyst are important to ensure mainstreaming of the transition process. While there are various factors that function as policy catalysts towards energy transition, climate mitigation efforts can potentially evolve to be the most effective pathways. This paper explores various policy efforts that contribute to energy transition in the country and argues that under the climate mitigation agenda the previously fragmented efforts are getting consolidated and help smoother transition to low carbon economy and to achieve and energy-secure future.

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