Bloodied tracks

Bloodied tracks
trains through forests continue to be the cause of animal deaths in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh. The reserve is home to as many as 75 tigers and a variety of flora and fauna. Last year, the park lost one tigress, two fishing cats, one elephant and one crocodile in train accidents. According to Rupak De, field director Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, at least two animals are lost each month due to train and road traffic in the park. "These can be anything from a monitor lizard to a hog dear or a tiger,' he said.

The Gonda-Barreilly railway line passes through the park covering a distance of 27 km. With scant regard for the endangered species inhabiting the park, six passenger trains and five freight trains pass through the forest at high speed. Two major roads also pass through the park. This not only leads to accidents but also allows people to indulge in illegal activities. "Often the negligence of the travellers have led to forest fires,' said De. Re-routing of the track outside the reserve would be an ideal solution, say officials.

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