Rich history in vain

Tikamgarh has been irrigating its lands through water tanks built by Chandela rulers during 900-1200 AD. These stored rainwater and also recharged groundwater in otherwise semi-arid areas. It's due to its 55,000 dug wells that 57 per cent of Tikamgarh's cultivated area has irrigation facilities, compared to the state average of 23 per cent. A state government report says that the Chandela tanks in the district can irrigate 23,481 hectares (ha) besides recharging wells. Many are under the panchayats. Also, the per ha cost of irrigation using a tank is Rs 31,077 in comparison to Rs 80,000 per ha from irrigation projects.

However, tank renovation has not been undertaken under NREGA. But tanks were renovated under the National Food for Work programme that preceded NREGA.

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