Water quality data - 2010

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has established a network of monitoring stations on rivers across the country. The present network comprises of 2000 stations in 27 States and 6 Union Territories spread over the country. The monitoring network covers 383 Rivers, 127 Lakes, 9 Tanks, 59 Ponds, 40 Creeks/Seawater,17 Canals, 34 Drains and 595 Wells. Among the 2000 stations, 1085 are on rivers, 144 on lakes, 34 on drains, 33 on canals, 9 on tank, 40 on creeks/seawater, 60 on pond and 595 are groundwater stations. The water quality data of aquatic resources monitored under National Water Quality Monitoring Programme for the year 2010 is summarised in Table (s) 1 to 43.

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