Environmental & social management Framework: second phase of the adaptable program loan on strengthening regional cooperation for wildlife protection in Asia

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) provides general environmental and social policies, guidelines, codes of practice and procedures to be integrated into the implementation of the World Bank-supported APL on Strengthening Cross-Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia. The purpose of this document is to outline a Framework for Environmental and Social Management, giving brief details of potential environmental and social issues typically associated with the planning and implementation of the project activities envisaged under the Wildlife Project and provide guidelines on how to carry out Environmental Assessments (EAs), Poverty and Social Impact Assessments (PSIAs), prepare Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), Gender Action Plan (GAP) and Resettlement Plans (RPs) where necessary to mitigate project induced negative environmental and social impacts and enhance positive environmental and social impacts of the project interventions.