Market assessment of solar water heating systems in five potential states/NCR region

The country-wide Market Assessment Study of Solar Water Heaters carried out in 2009 under the UNDP/GEF Project identified high potential States and Regions. This study focuses on five states/regions which are likely to contribute 49% of the SWH realizable potential up to 2022. These are: Maharashtra,  Gujarat,
Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, National Capital Region (NCR).
The specific objectives of the study are: Understanding the hot water demand; penetration and economics of solar water heaters in the identified States/NCR Region and high potential cities covering residential, commercial and institutional sectors; Projection of future demand and assessment of the realizable market potential for 2013, 2017 and 2022; and Preparation of Action Plans for the States / NCR region for increasing the penetration of SWH systems.