Water and related statistics 2010

Water and related statistics 2010

This latest biennial publication by Central Water Commission provides a wide range of statistical data on water resources and the related sectors in India.


This publication is being brought out once in every two years and covers a wide range of data on water resources and its related resources in the country.  The publication comprises six chapters in all. Summary tables and charts have been included within the chapters to facilitate overview and better understanding. Chapter 1 presents introduction while Chapter 2 deals with key indicators of water resources including, inter-alia, water availability, creation of storages and ultimate irrigation potential. Chapter 3 deals with data on utilisation of water resources. Chapter 4 relates to agricultural production, production/output data on other water related sectors viz. Fisheries, Hydro-electric Power etc. Chapter 5 gives a brief account of financial resources used in irrigation projects. Social and environmental aspects of water resources development activities as well as data on flood damages and flood protection works are dealt with in Chapter 6. Detailed tables have been  included towards the end. A Glossary of terms is also included in this edition.

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