Market assessment of solar water heating systems in the himalayan region

At present, use of SWH is rather limited and scattered in Indian Himalayas. Most of the existing systems are in commercial and institutional buildings (hotels, resorts, hospitals, defense establishments, etc); in general the use of solar water heaters in the domestic sector is very scarce. Northern Himalayan region constituting the states of J&K, Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh has generally better solar radiation availability and has more SWH systems compared to the eastern and north eastern Himalayan region. The objective of the study is to carry out sector and segment-wise market assessment studies and surveys; to gain an insight into the current market for solar water heaters in the Himalayan region, to project realizable market potential in each sector and segment till the year 2022 and to prepare an action plan to increase penetration of Solar Water Heating systems in the Himalayan Region after identifying the barriers.