Draft Rajasthan solar policy 2010

Draft Rajasthan solar policy 2010

This draft solar policy 2010 for Rajasthan released by RREC is aimed at developing a global hub of solar power of 10,000 MW- 12,000 MW capacity in the next 10-12 years to meet increasing energy needs of the state and India & contribute to ecological security too.

Rajasthan is bestowed with significant amount of solar energy potential and an overwhelming response from Developers/IPPs has already been received for establishing solar power projects. Rajasthan Government is fully committed to the promotion of solar energy. Conducive Government of India Policy will yield
astonishing achievements in energy generation in next 5-10 years. The State of Rajasthan is poised to establish itself as a leader in solar power generation and a pioneer in providing energy security and sustainable growth to India. Endowed with conducive conditions with perennial and abundant solar radiation,
Rajasthan has the potential to become the hub for solar power technologies and generation of sunrise green energy. Rajasthan is favorably placed to become the largest provider of solar power among all sources of energy in India at a competitive cost and achieve the scale on solar power generation, which can change face of the state and transform the complete economic situation for betterment of the masses. This Policy document is aimed at giving a direction to the above stated ambition of the Rajasthan state.

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