Policy interface 2010: a report interface on financial inclusion of dalits, tribals and religious minorities

With the aim to understand, promote and highlight the importance of financial inclusion of Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes and religious minorities, Sa-Dhan in collaboration with UNDP conducted an interface between government representatives, academicians, journalists, practitioners and other stakeholders. Dalits and religious minorities have faced social stigmatization throughout the history of India; caste based as well as class based. Such exclusion has undoubtedly led to political and economic discrimination, let alone their exclusion from the developmental processes of the country. This Interface was designed to provide a platform for people to attempt comprehending the perspectives of other stakeholders and for sharing grass-root realities. For this purpose, participants were provided with case studies from the field and were asked to share their feedback. Such was the uniqueness of the model that all participants were on an equal level of understanding irrespective of their position.