Inspection report on M/S Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Lanjigarh, Kalahandi

M/s Vedanta Aluminium Limited has established a refinery plant of capacity to produce 1 MTPA aluminia. The plant comprises of two alumina production streams of capacity 0.5 MTPA each and three steam generation plants. The steam generation plants not only cater the requirement of steam for production of Alumina from bauxite by also electricity of 75 MW is generated for plant uses. Consent to operate has been granted to the unit under both the Air and the Water (PCP) Act valid up to 31.03.2008. Reportedly, the stream -1 was put into commission on 26.03.2007 and operation of stream-II is yet to be started. Presently, the stream-1 is in operation with full load. Soon after commencement of operation, there was public complain against the industry on environmental pollution being caused doe to emission and discharges from the plant.

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