Environmental and social impacts & mitigation measures for in-situ remediation options for Hooghly & Noor Mohammad Kunta HW site

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is implementing Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project with the objective to support the development of institutional and methodological framework for implementing of pilots for rehabilitation of highly polluted sites resulting from rapid industrialization. Ministry of Environment and Forests, under this Project has engaged International Consultants Technocrats Private Ltd. (ICT) to carry out the Environmental & Social Assessment (ESA) study so as to strengthen the relevant solid and Hazardous Waste Management policies, regulations and institutional framework. This report is the addendum for Environmental & Social Impacts and Mitigation Measures for In-situ Remediation options for Hooghly HW sites, West Bengal and Noor Mohammad Kunta, HW site, Andhra Pradesh under the World Bank aided Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project.