Determination of azoxystrobin residue by UV detection high performance liquid chromatography in mango

Azoxystrobin residue was determined in mango fruits using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Residues of azoxystrobin were extracted with acetonitrile and purified by both liquid liquid extraction (LLE) and solid phase extraction (SPE) clean up. The HPLC analysis was carried out on ODS2 column with acetonitrile: water (80:20 v/v) as the mobile phase with UV detection at 255 nm. The rate of average recoveries and limits of determinations were 85.57 % and 0.004 ?g per g of sample, respectively. The results revealed that the half life of azoxystrobin in mango fruit was one day for recommended dose, hence no concern regarding contamination of the food chain and environment by azoxystrobin.

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