Slow train coming

  • 14/11/2008

The real picture of the economy says, be grounded

THE aviation industry in India has been hit directly by the rising fuel price and a slump economy. The Times of India reported there were 18.5 per cent fewer flyers this September compared to last September. It is obvious that all the private airlines that mushroomed over the past few years are in the worst kind of turbulence. Middle class Indians, who were forced to become high flyers, have now started queuing up for slower trains.
Slow seems to be the flavour of the day. Dr Manmohan Singh, eminent professor of growth, told Parliament that the Indian economy would slow down. But our leaders are yet to learn from experience. They are still trying to administer age-old steroids, like tax cuts and subsidies, to an industry addicted to quick fixes. No questions are asked whether the industry deserves to enjoy state patronage.
If global political class were wise, they would not have pampered an inefficient mode of transport like aviation for so long. It is widely known that today

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