Mozambique reels under floods

Mozambique is facing its worst floods in six years. Sweeping waters have so far claimed about 100 lives, forcing over 60,000 to flee submerged areas in central Mozambique's Zambezi River Valley. The country is now on red alert.

The Zambezi burst its banks in December, but the situation continues to be critical. Water released from the overflowing Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam has flooded more than 2,700 sq km. So far, 164,000 people have been affected by the floods, notes a statement by Mozambique's national disasters management office.

The northern Zambian town of Luangwa was also cut off since the Luangwa river burst its banks. The flood has hit transport and power supply in the country, affecting relief and rescue operations.

In the second week of February, the un issued an appeal for aid for the victims of the flood.