CSD must become a forum for debate

Why has the csd failed to produce results?
It will be unfair on my part to pass judgement as I have attended only one session of the csd . However, one reason could be the way csd has functioned till now. The chairperson of csd , elected at the beginning of the ministerial meeting, worked for a whole year and was involved in organising the next meeting. However, he left the job on the day of the next meeting, when a new person took over. The new chairperson, who was not involved with the meeting, was trying to discuss the issues.

But now the rules have changed. I will be the first chairperson, whose tenure began at the end of the last meeting and will end at the beginning of the next one. Earlier, csd used to review up to 40 chapters in each session. Now, the sessions will concentrate on a fewer issues.

csd has had procedural problems, and it was not focused enough. Although we have a focused agenda this time, I personally think its scope is still too vast. As a result, many ministers have asked if it is worthwhile attending the session. Some have even called it a

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