Cardboard history

Social sciences are vastly neglected in the country. So it's refreshing when a school organizes a history exhibition. The Thanjammal Memorial Elementary School in Tiruchi organized one such exhibition.

It covered primary class' syllabi of social sciences. The countless years and wars in history were made easy by pasting chronologically sequenced pictures of rulers and their invasions. Miniature utensils made of mud and wood, models of wild and domestic animals were used to show the evolution of human societies. Evolution of humankind was exhibited through wooden dolls and rare herbs were on show.

Pilgrims and tourist centres in Tiruchi and the busy bazaars of the city came alive through cardboard models. "A lot of science exhibitions are being conducted at schools. Social sciences are normally considered tough. We decided to simplify it through visual representations,' said the headmistress of the school, R Visalakshi.

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