Long commuting in metros can harm eyes

Long commuting in metros can harm eyes  daily commuting in metros can harm your eyes. Research by the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, the Venu Eye Institute and Research Center and the Dr Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences says exposure to vehicular air pollution damages the surface of human eye.

The results were published in the Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (Vol 11, No 1). The researchers examined the eyes of 441 commuters in Delhi, who have been travelling through highly polluted areas for two years. Another 79 people who travel less were also studied and both the results were compared.

The study examined the distance of travel, commuting time, mode of transport, frequency of daily travel in a year and the total travelling time of both the groups. The commuters history of symptoms such as redness in the eye, blurred vision and photophobia