Green electricity

British consumers will soon be able to buy "green' electricity following the launch of renewable energy power stations. Ecotricity, a joint venture between Renewable Energy Company and Thames Water Private Limited Company, was formed as part of the government's Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation (nffo) scheme. British energy minister John Battle, speaking at the launch, said the initiative showed that renewable energy could compete in the open market.

"The launch of Ecotricity" the first scheme to offer green electricity at non-premium prices -- demonstrates the success of the nffo scheme in taking renewable energy from the drawing board to the heart of the open electricity market that the government has created, said Battle.

he department of trade and industry said in a statement that Ecotricity will generate energy using sewage and landfill gas, hydro, solar and wind power. The scheme will initially apply to the commercial sub-100 kilowatt market. However, the government has set a target of generating at least 10 percent of Britain's total electricity demand from renewable energy sources by 2010 , said Battle.. If the government succeds in its target , it will encourage other countries to make similar efforts.

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