• Last call

    Last call

    Will the song of the sarus be heard when the wetlands of Uttar Pradesh are drained?

  • Drainage plan helps reclaim land

    Drainage plan helps reclaim land

    Scientists have evolved a subsurface drainage system that makes saline soils arable within three years

  • Look, oil

    Look, oil

    About 10,000 people scan drains in Delhi s industrial areas: a vital but neglected work force

  • In court

    wall stalled: A mid-level court in South Korea has stayed further work on the Saemangeum Sea Wall which, upon completion, would be the world's largest coastal drainage project. More than 3500

  • Creating another deluge?

    Creating another deluge?

    The Concerned Citizen's Commission, a coalition of citizens groups, has submitted its enquiry report on the Mumbai deluge of July 26, 2005. The report holds poor drainage, sanitation and waste management system to be primarily responsible for the floods. But the Maharashtra government is yet to pay heed to the report. Rather, it is busy de-silting river Mithi, a task inaugurated a few weeks ago.

  • Bad planning

    Bad planning

    <script language='javascript'> function table() { var popurl="files/images/20060831/30-table.jpg","","width=450,height=350,scrollbars=yes") } </script> In a tearing hurry, the <font class="UCASE">jnnurm</font> directorate has cleared over 23 infrastructure projects worth Rs 86,482.95 crore to meet the March 31 deadline.

  • 60,000 ton waste drained away

    Over 60,000 ton waste has been removed from the open drains and sewerage pipes in 10 localities of Lahore during the past six months by the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa). As a result of desiltation, sewage water flow in the Mian Mir, Sattu Katla, Samanabad, Gulshan-i-Ravi, Sabzazar, Babu Sabu, Awan Town, Shadbagh, Gulberg and Shadman had improved significantly, a spokesperson said on Wednesday. "The city's main drains are now capable of surviving water flow, especially during the upcoming monsoon season, from localities like Jail Road, Upper Mall, Gulberg, Shah Jamal, Iqbal Town, Muslim Town, Wahdat Colony, Garden Town and Samanabad,' the spokesperson added. The desiltation of open drains and sewerage system in Lahore was launched in January last year with the Rs789 million Japanese government's assistance.

  • USAID-funded roads, drainage systems opened

    The newly-constructed eight km of low maintenance, durable roads and drainage structures in the Pottuvil, Ampara district, funded by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) were opened recently, said a US Embassy press release. In the past, the roads flooded and became almost impassable; today, with the professionally-constructed roads and drainage structures, residents and visitors can travel with ease. The finished roads have had a major impact on the community in Pottuvil. Because the roads are now paved, the reduction of dust in the town is significant. Additionally, the local population's access to many essential services, including schools, health clinics and places of worship, has been dramatically improved by the new transportation systems. USAID, the US Government agency in charge of delivering development assistance from the American people, funded the project, and UNOPS implemented its construction. For the opening ceremony, USAID and UNOPS welcomed representatives from local government and the community. They were joined by A.H.M. Ansar, Divisional Secretary A.L.M. Asmy, Assistant Divisional Secretary, A.L. Mohamed Rauf, Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman, and A.M. Abdul Majeed, Opposition Leader, Pradeshiya Sabha, Mike Gould, Senior Engineer from USAID was joined by Rainer Frauenfeld, Fergus Gleeson and Fraser Sparks from UNOPS. The project began in September 2006, with the initial work being done on the construction yard in Pottuvil. In December 2006, work began on a concrete block casting yard. In March 2007, the concrete blocks produced at the casting yard were used to begin the road construction. In December 2007, just over one year after the project began, the entire eight km network of roads and drainage systems was successfully completed. The end result did more than just produce roads and drainage, it created jobs and experience. It also built human capital. The concrete block construction yard created in excess of 50,000 labour days with a workforce of some 400 labourers, significantly improving individual livelihoods and the overall economy of the tsunami and conflict-affected Pottuvil.

  • 38 uplift schemes approved

    Jamshoro District Nazim Malik Asad Sikandar has approved 38 schemes of village electrification, water supply, road and drainage for remote areas of the district, costing Rs62.5 million.

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