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Air Pollution

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    The Bangladesh government is soon going to set up a green court to deal with environmental problems, such as deteriorating air quality, in major cities such as its capital Dhaka. A study conducted

  • Nepal


    Speculation is rife that tea production in Nepal may decline as poor rainfall until this time of the year has resulted in the inadequate growth of tealeaves. Although tea estates located in the

  • Sri Lanka


    Experts in this island nation are of the opinion that air pollution from industries and oil refineries should be closely monitored to establish any adverse effects on crops and vegetation, animals

  • Nepal

    Pollution perils

    A recent monitoring of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in Kathmandu, Nepal, by a Japan-based agency has alarmed the government. According to N H Rajbhandari, a senior meteorologist, the annual

  • Bhutan


    An environmental survey by the national environment secretariat, the division of power and the forestry division of Bhutan, found that nearly 3,737 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 13.2 kg of methane and

  • Pakistan


    A new dam intended to solve a water crisis has, paradoxically, created new problems for the people of Gwadar in Pakistan. Environmentalists fear that in the absence of a proper drainage


    Asphyxiated Dhaka dwellers in Bangla" are hoping for a breather from air pollution. In response to a petition filed by a citizen in March-end, the Bangladesh government was issued a Hijb Court

  • Pakistan


    Friday namaz congregations in Pakistan may never be the same again. Alarmed by the rising incidence of AIDS, plans are afoot to have religious leaders deliver sermons on the disease. The government

  • Nepal


    High mountains and deep gorges may no longer daunt the 3 million Nepalese who have to travel extensively in the trading season. A Swiss organisation, Helvetas, is building bridges there and training


    An international panel of engineers and environmentalists, set up to oversee Bangladesh's Flood Action Plan, has criticised the draft "final report" on the plan. The report says that the total bill

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