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  • Maldives

    Maldives as a biosphere reserve: implementation plan 2013 – 2017

    This implementation plan, called ‘Maldives as a Biosphere Reserve: An Implementation Plan 2013-2017’, sets a roadmap for up to 2017, after which the plan will be updated based on progress and lessons learned.

  • Maldives

    Maldives to become world’s first-ever reserve nation

    Many countries do their best to preserve the diversity of their flora and fauna. However, the Maldives have gone even further. The authorities of the island nation assured that within four years the whole

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka's Sinharaja rainforest expanded

    Borders of Sri Lanka's World Heritage Site, Sinharaja rainforest reserve have been expanded to add over 2000 hectares of land to the forest, the Land and Land Development Ministry said today. The government

  • Maldives

    Cabinet approves the implementation plan to declare Maldives a biosphere reserve

    The implementation plan to declare Maldives a biosphere reserve has been approved today by the Cabinet. This implementation plan was compiled in response to President of Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed announcing

  • Maldives

    Cabinet Decides to Implement the Action Plan on Maldives Biosphere Reserve

    Cabinet has yesterday decided to implement the Action Plan on making the Maldives a Biosphere Reserve, prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The Cabinet made this decision after discussing

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