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  • Nepal


    In their battle against AIDS, HIV-positive people of Nepal have found a new ally: the government. Recently, the ministry of health and ministry of women and social welfare announced an extensive HIV

  • India

    South Asia

    Neighbourly help: India is assisting Bhutan in 11 new projects under a US$167.6 million project-tied grant assistance programme between the two countries. This was decided in the recently held

  • Sri Lanka


    Sri Lanka, the world's top tea exporter, is going all guns to promote tea as a health drink and as an alternative to soft drinks. Ranjith Maligaspe, director-general of the Sri Lanka Tea Board,

  • South Asia

    asean health meet: Health ministers of 11 South East Asian countries met in Dhaka recently to discuss over ways to enhance cooperation to develop health care services in the region. Bangladeshi

  • Sri Lanka


    In an eco-degrading similarity with the.-, gulf war, oil fires in Sri Lanka are proving to be a health~ hazard. Recent bombings by the LTTE , re.bels has set all fo":r oil storage tanks W1th a

  • Nepal


    An unknown disease that has claimed nearly 250 lives so far, has spread terror in the districts of western Nepal, specifically in Bajura and Accham. Efforts to trace the cause and identify the


    The government of Bangladesh is soon likely to approve its national policy on combating HIV/AIDS. A core group led by the director general of health services reviewed the draft national

  • Pakistan


    Pakistan, in the grip of a drug abuse crisis for long, is seeking to take all possible steps to handle the menace ***. Consumption of heroin has increased dramatically over the years. With 3 million

  • Bhutan


    Hypertension and anaemia are the new buzzwords in health circles in Bhutan. For the first time, under the health systems research programme, the two ailments which primarily affects pregnant women,

  • Sri Lanka


    The proposed lead-free petrol programme of Sri Lanka's central environmental authority (CEA) to check air pollution, especially in Colombo, has been postponed. According to official sources, the

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