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  • Human made deluge?

    Human made deluge?

    an estimated 2,750 Bangladeshi villagers who lost their homes in heavy floods last May, have petitioned the World Bank ( wb ) for redress. They opine that the floods in central Bangladesh were


    In a country frequently besieged by floods and storms, there are reportedly severallakh people suffering from five diseases like tuberculosis (TB), goitre, filaria, kalazar, and leprosy in eight


    The World Bank has some unhappy forebodings for Bangladeshis. In its recent report, it estimates that the nation will face a food deficit of over 40 lakh tonnes ( t) in the current year as a result

  • India


    With floods in Bangladesh occurring every year leading to severe loss of infrastructure and causing a lot othardship to the people, the Japanese have come forward th a loan of US $5.22 million to


    Frequent floods has left the Bangladeshis in a state of utter despair. Pitching in to help is the World Bank which recently announced the approval of a US $121.9 million credit. The credit will

  • Living with floods

    Living with floods

    THE book Rivers of life is a result of an exhaustive study based on assessments of existing flood control works in Bangladesh, of related documents, interviews with flood-affected people and

  • Figuring floods

    Figuring floods

    Much water has been muddied over the World Bank sponsored flood control plan in Dhaka

  • Sri Lanka

    The canals of misfortune

    The canals of misfortune

    Colombo's network of artificial canals carry despair


    An international panel of engineers and environmentalists, set up to oversee Bangladesh's Flood Action Plan, has criticised the draft "final report" on the plan. The report says that the total bill

  • Sri Lanka

    Floods destroy crop

    TORRENTIAL rains and consequent floods in Sri Lanka have rendered 375,000 people homeless and devastated large tracts of paddy. Among the worst affected areas are the war-torn northern and eastern

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