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  • ''Aerosols, land-use changes may greatly weaken monsoon''

    ''Aerosols, land-use changes may greatly weaken monsoon''

    The South Asian Monsoon has been weakening since the 1950s with an increased incidence of extreme rainfall events. Now, a paper in the journal Climate Dynamics lead authored by Dr. R. Krishnan attributes

  • India

    South Asian monsoon: Tug of war on rainfall changes

    Precipitation associated with the South Asian summer monsoon has decreased by approximately 7% since 1950, but the reasons for this are unclear. Now research suggests that changes in land-cover patterns

  • India

    Effect of climate change on seasonal monsoon in Asia and its impact on the variability of monsoon rainfall in Southeast Asia

    Global warming and climate change is one of the most extensively researched and discussed topical issues affecting the environment. Although there are enough historical evidence to support the theory

  • Myanmar

    Myanmar floods leave a million affected as death toll passes 100

    Close to one million people have been affected and more than 100 killed in floods in Myanmar as on Sunday (9 August), with many low-lying areas in the southwestern delta still inundated. Two of the

  • Nepal

    Seasonal variation of secondary organic aerosol tracers in Central Tibetan Plateau

    Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) affects the earth’s radiation balance and global climate. High-elevation areas are sensitive to global climate change. However, at present, SOA origins and seasonal

  • 59 killed in flood-related incidents across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

    PESHAWAR: As rains and floods continue to ravage Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, initial damages make for a grim reading, with at least 59 reported deaths across the province. Over 887 houses have been completely

  • Pakistan

    Death toll from flash floods rises to 118

    ISLAMABAD: Authorities say the death toll from flash floods triggered by seasonal monsoon rains in various parts of the country has risen to 118. Meanwhile, floodwater has inundated vast areas, leaving

  • Multi-scale drought and ocean–atmosphere variability in monsoon Asia

    Spatially extensive and persistent drought episodes have repeatedly influenced human history, including the 'Strange Parallels' drought event in monsoon Asia during the mid-18th century. Here

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