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  • India

    Geopolitics of dam design on the Indus

    The legal geopolitics of the Baglihar and Kishenganga hydroelectric power projects, whose legitimacy under the Indus Waters Treaty has been contested by Pakistan, demonstrates the political nature of technology

  • India

    Environmental security in relation to transboundary water regime: a situation analysis of GBM basin

    Focusing trans-boundary water regime of Ganges- Brahmaputra- Meghna (GBM) basin, this situation analysis paper discusses the core issues related to environmental security through analyzing various environmental

  • Arsenic migration to deep groundwater in Bangladesh influenced by adsorption and water demand

    The consumption of shallow groundwater with elevated concentrations of arsenic is causing widespread disease in many parts of South and Southeast Asia. In the Bengal Basin, a growing reliance on groundwater

  • Conflicting studies fuel arsenic debate

    Uncertainties over contaminated groundwater in southern Asia highlight gaps in science.

  • Damned if they do

    An industry approach to greener hydropower is far from perfect, but it does offer a way forwards. (Editorial)

  • India

    The drying up of River Ganga: an issue of common concern to both India and Bangladesh

    A number of hydel projects and other schemes diverting water in the Ganga

  • India

    Climate change and water supplies: Options for sustaining tank irrigation potential in India

    Climate change will affect water supplies in south Asia, where high-intensity floods and droughts are expected in the future. Increasing water storage is a key adaptation strategy, and the experience of irrigation tanks illustrates both the potential and challenges of this adaptation response.

  • Siltation im Kaptai reservoir of Chittagong hill tract Bangladesh

    To measure impact of ecological change in Chittagon Hill Tracts after the installation od dam Kaptai in 1955 on siltation, Bangladesh Water Development Board has conducted siltation study several times from 1978.

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