Wolfowitz at the door

  • 29/04/2005

Wolfowitz at the door in paul wolfowitz's selection as World Bank president, global democracy has taken a sharp fall. Since its formation after World War II, the president of the bank has been nominated by the us , with European powers always nodding approval. In return, Europe gets to nominate the International Monetary Fund's head. The continuation of this marriage of convenience undermines the fact that the World Bank is a very different institution today from what it intended to be.

Today, the bank's clients are developing countries, and the bank can play a critical role in helping these countries meet key development challenges. Not just by lending them money for development projects, but by funding initiatives to generate country-specific knowledge.

Just how Wolfowitz's presence would facilitate this is beyond comprehension. Here's a snippet from his biography: "Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Wolfowitz has assisted in planning the global war on terrorism, including military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq'. Wolfowitz's curriculum vitae is a potent contraceptive for constructive discussion, given his war-mongering. He's played a key role in the us invasion of Iraq, which was the sharpest sign of us unilateralism in recent years