Implementation of actions under Stage-III (`Severe' air quality) of revised Graded Response Action Plan in Delhi-NCR

Based on earlier decisions of the Sub-Committee on GRAP, actions upto Stage-I and Stage-II of the GRAP are already in force vide orders dated October 5, 2022 and October 19, 2022 respectively. Stage III & Stage IV of the GRAP have also been imposed and thereafter revoked from time to time based on the prevalent air quality scenario in Delhi. As per the dynamic model and weather/ meteorological forecast, the average air quality of Delhi the overall AQI is expected stay in the ‘Severe’ category. Therefore, in an effort to prevent further deterioration of air quality in the region, the Sub-Committee has decided that all actions as envisaged under Stage-III of GRAP – ‘Severe’ Air Quality (DELHI AQI ranging between 401-450), be implemented in right earnest by all the agencies concerned, with immediate effect in the entire NCR. This is in addition to the preventive/ restrictive actions already in force under Stage-I and Stage-II of GRAP. Accordingly, a 9-point action plan as per Stage-III of GRAP is applicable with immediate effect in the entire NCR in addition to preventive/ restrictive actions under Stage-I and Stage-II of GRAP which are already in place. This 9-point action plan includes steps to be implemented/ ensured by different agencies and PCBs of NCR and DPCC.