Report of the Joint Committee on the construction of Sagbaug Snehsagar residential society by Monarch Builders, village Marol, Mumbai, 14/06/2022

  • 14/06/2022

Final report of the Joint Committee in the matter of Mangesh Mahadev Parab Vs M/s New Monarch Builders and Contractors & Others (Original Application No. 56/2019 - Western Zone Bench).

The report was in compliance to the NGT order, November 15, 2021. The matter related to New Monarch Builders carrying out the construction of Sagbaug Snehsagar SRA CHS of CTS No. 706,706 (1 to 22) of village Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai without obtaining environmental clearance.

The NGT, directed the SEIAA, Maharashtra and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to jointly inspect the project site in question, verify on the factual aspects and submit the report. In compliance with the NGT order, a Joint Committee representing members from SEIAA, Maharashtra state, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Slum Rehabilitation Authority, Mumbai carried out joint inspection of the project.

The committee informed the Green Bench, that the project proponent has not obtained environment clearance and has not applied for environment clearance for the project after exceeding the limit of 20000 Sq Mtr till date. Nor has the PP obtained consent to establish and consent to operate from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for the project.

Sewage treatment plant for treatment of sewage generated from the project is absent and the generated  sewage is being disposed of into the BMC sewer line. The project proponent has not provided an organic waste converter for treatment of solid waste from the project. Municipal solid waste generated from the project is being given to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation collection system. Solar photovoltaic systems have also not been provided.