Ground Water Year Book of Haryana State 2020-2021

Central Ground Water Board, North Western Region, Chandigarh has established Ground Water Observation Wells (GWOW) in Haryana State for monitoring the water levels. As on 31.03.2021, there were 1331 Ground Water Observation Wells which included 536 dug wells and 677 piezometers for monitoring phreatic aquifers besides 118 deep piezometers for monitoring confined/ semi- confined aquifers. In order to assess the quantitative change in ground water resources, water levels as a routine were monitored four times June 2020, August 2020, October 2020 and January 2021 and compared with previous water level records to ascertain the change in ground water level scenario. Central Ground Water Board, North Western Region (CGWB, NWR) Chandigarh annually monitors the ground water quality through dedicated Ground Water Monitoring Stations consisting of dug wells, tube wells and/or hand pumps of shallow depth.