Draft policy framework for developing and promoting decentralised renewable energy livelihood applications

DRE livelihood applications can be defined as applications powered by renewable energy - solar, wind, micro-hydro, biomass & their combinations, which are used for earning livelihoods directly such as solar dryer, solar mills, solar or biomass powered cold storage/chiller, solar charkha and looms, small-scale biomass briquette/pellet-making machines, etc. The scope may also include DRE applications operating in hybrid mode with grid as long as the system is capable of running standalone in the off-grid mode as well. Livelihood applications powered by mini/micro-grids would also form part of the scope of this policy, provided such livelihood appliances are energy efficient. The applications with end-use in education and health care centers are also eligible under this framework, as these provide livelihoods to teachers/instructors and healthcare workers. The objective of this framework is to develop an enabling market ecosystem to ensure widespread adoption of DRE for sustainable livelihood creation in the country.

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